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But though the president might seem a shoo-in to win a second term among certain bicoastal elites, Maher sees trouble ahead.That fear -- and not to promote himself or his long-running HBO show , he says -- is why the comic firebrand interrupted his stand-up act in San Jose, Calif., on Feb.PHOTOS: Bill Maher's ' New Rules' for Hollywood In the process of making his high-profile donation, the bomb-throwing provocateur -- a devout atheist who wants to legalize most recreational drugs and famously was kicked off ABC for saying the 9/11 terrorists weren’t cowards -- has crossed the line from pay cable commentator to mainstream activist.Unlike late-night peers Jon Stewart, with his Rally to Restore Sanity, or Stephen Colbert, who launched a satirically eponymous super PAC, Maher is publicly putting his own money where his big mouth is.In honor of Fashion Week, I want to revisit one of life's eternal questions: if you have a dress you love, how often can you wear it before reaching an unacceptable number of "repeats"?And, further, what if all these repeat showings were for "important" occasions -- Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve, your sister's wedding, your college reunion, your wedding anniversary -- the kind of events that often warrant a new outfit?

Bill Maher has three words that should terrify Hollywood: Obama could lose.

Settled on the couch in her book-lined study, Huffington calls out to her housekeeper in that soft, Zsa Zsa Gabor purr so well known to the millions who have seen her on TV over the years: "Daaahling, more tea!

There are calls to return, the phone rings nonstop, and her staff is lining up with questions.

To the moneyed political class living in what Maher calls the “liberal bubble,” it might seem like a long shot.

The economy is recovering, unemployment rates are dropping, and the Republican candidates are talking about how to limit contraception and why college is for snobs (if not the occasional “slut”).

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