Mariah and nick cannon dating

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So this is just pretty standard behavior from them.

Cannon and Carey wed in 2008 and finalized their divorce in 2016.

To be fair, these are two grown adults who really love attention: When a TMZ reporter asked Cannon whether or not the two were now “official,” Cannon said “We’ve always been official.” Really brings new meaning to Carey’s 1995 hit, “You’ll Always Be My Baby,” huh?

Meanwhile, Carey is in the background basking in the glow of the numerous camera flashes and jokingly threatening to steal a paparazzo’s car.

When asked by TMZ why he’d been seeing Carey so frequently lately, Cannon told the paparazzi, “You realize this is my family, right? The two have been haunted by dating rumors ever since Carey broke it off with her possibly fake boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka.The Songstress said, "We're together when it counts. And I think that's the most important thing."The former America's Got Talent host echoed similar sentiments and noted, "It's so perfect right now honestly, I'm working on being the best me that I can possibly be and from that I'm working on being the best father that I can be and that's a plate full right there.Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have been spotted having dinner twice in the last week. According to Us Weekly, Carey, 47, and Cannon, 36, headed to Mr."You put the kids first, but then when you understand that you have unconditional love for these human beings and you want the best existence for them, then you put whatever differences you may have had aside," he said at the time."A lot of times, when you think about breakups in relationships, it's usually over ego.

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