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(see photo taken in early 1900's) Michel Rieck married Marie Friederike Schulz and they had at least three children whose identities are known -- Christian Friedrich Wilhelm (b. Like other immigrants arriving in New York between 18, they had to pass through the Castle Garden Immigration Station, which was located on an island off the southwest tip of Manhattan. The birthdates of Auguste and Wilhelm Mueller are unknown, but based on the year they were confirmed, they might have been 12 and 4 years old, respectively.

Except for Bertha's birth, these names and birthdates were documented in the original church register at Hohenselchow.

Jim and Arlene Schmidt will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a family gathering on March 4th at their home in Spokane, Washington.

The couple was married March 4th, 1967 in Twin Falls at St. Joining them at their home will be their children Tom and Margie Arnzen, Spokane; Shirley Bryant, Boise; John and Julie Arnold, Cascade, Montana.

Even though each state has specific fault grounds (you can look up the statutes for your state), the most common ones are: I'll admit, these are some good reasons for divorce, but I wanted to find out what our visitors considered the main cause of the breakup of their marriage.

The rest of the states allow a spouse to declare other grounds based on marital misconduct as the reason for divorce. It is presumed that Auguste Wilhelmine and Wilhelmine Auguste Luise also died in Germany but no record of their deaths has yet been found. Wilhelmine Luise died August 28, 1866 at two years of age; August Carl died two days after he was born.At 31, Oyeymi is something of a literary prodigy: She wrote her first novel while still in high school in England. Her latest, a short story collection, was hailed by NPR as "flawless." "It's another masterpiece from an author who seems incapable of writing anything that's less than brilliant," the review said.The stories in the collection all center on keys, and toy with fairy tale tropes in inventively twisted ways.

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