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Star: Romany Malco In the season finale, Joel hurries to covertly complete Jesus' mission, while Gus and Cobi each deal with the authorities holding them accountable for their crimes. See full summary » Director: John David Coles Monica tries to help a young mother overcome her drug addition.Meanwhile, Tess must help the parents learn not to enable their daughter in her drug life. See full summary » Director: Burt Brinckerhoff The guys begin the treacherous journey through the jungle, only to discover Jesus and their mission are not what they seem.

Bags (air date: 2011-06-27) Three years after Nancy's selfless act to save her family, Andy, Silas, Shane and Doug live their new lives in Copenhagen.Fortunately, those parts include Mary-Louise Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, Justin Kirk, Romany Malco and Kevin Nealon, who consistently milk more from the material than it tends to deserve.The latest crop adds another layer of intrigue to the “pot mom” premise, but this still isn’t the show it can or should be.Indeed, the third year finds the family of Nancy Botwin (Parker), the widowed mom who began selling pot to pay the bills, in considerable jeopardy.That begins with Nancy herself, who has run afoul of squabbling drug dealers, which, unfortunately, leads to recurring, distasteful references by African-American, Armenian and Hispanic men as to whether or not they should rape her.

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