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Because Swedish also is spoken in Helsinki, we include some Swedish phrases as well.on this page: ALPAHABET & PRONUNCIATION ANIMALS BASIC FOOD PHRASES BASIC PHRASES BAKED GOODS, BREAD, CEREAL, FLOUR, GRAINS & NUTS BERRIES BEANS COLORS CLOCK CLOTHES DATES DRINK TERMS RECREATION / ENTERTAINMENT FAST FOOD FISH NAMES FOOD PHRASES FOWL TERMS FRUIT GEOGRAPHICAL WORDS HERBS SPICES & CONDIMENTS MUSHROOMS MEASUREMENTS & MONEY MEAT TERMS NUMERIC WORDS NUTS, SEEDS, DRUPE PEAS PHOTOGRAPHY PLACE NAMES RESTAURANT & FOOD TERMS SHOPPING SWEET WORDS & PHRASES TIMES OF THE DAY / WEEK / YEAR: TRANSPORTATION VEGETABLES VEGETARIAN / ALTERNATIVE TO MEAT OTHER DISCLAIMER: This collection of words and phrases is for entertainment purposes and should not be relied upon for scientific, linguistic, scholarly, academic or other formal purposes. We hope you find the word or phrase you are looking for.From Helsinki, a brand-new speed-dating concept for theatre lovers!

"[Many] young professionals in their 20s and 30s are constantly traveling as they build their careers," she says.

Reseproffset Lottie Knutsson berättar hur Instagram och Tripadvisor stöpt om semesterfirandet.

Och Kjell åker till Mallorca - med VR-headset på näsan.

Then participate in a session of super-sonic, high-energy, low-risk speed-dating hosted by our actors.

The perfect way to find that soulmate/casual partner/festival pal, or simply experience some encounters with random fellow humans in a congenial setting (delete where applicable! Price includes show, speed-dating and fast-track notice of your mutual attractions.

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